TFH Community Footy Program

The TFH Community Footy Program has wrapped up for 2022 after multiple sessions at both BMD Kougari Oval and on the grounds of the participating schools.

Students from both Redlands District Special School and Darling Point Special School attending rugby league sessions to continue their love of the game and learn new skills

The two most recent sessions took place at BMD Kougari Oval before a Captain’s Run training session of our Hostplus Cup team. The students were then able to stay to watch the Seagulls players as they geared up for their final regular season matches.

Dressed in their TFH shirts, the students greatly enjoyed the program and were cheered on by their parents and guardians from the sideline.

The Seagulls staff and players were met with enthusiasm and big smiles from the students in each session, and often found it hard to get the kids to stop playing footy after the clinic!

Both sets of students expressed their thanks to TFH for supporting the Community Footy Program and are looking forward to attending again next year.

The Seagulls would also like to show their appreciation for TFH’s contribution to this program and we hope that it can continue for many years to come.