Seagulls Academy Wrap Up

By Seagulls Media

Last week was a great result for the Seagulls Academy teams. See below the wrap up for Round 1 of the Hasting Deering Colts and Round 5 for Auswide Mal Meninga and Cyril Connell Challenge.

Hasting Deering Colts: 66-0 win over Northern Pride

Round 1 of the Seagulls Hasting Deering Colts saw the Gulls take on the Northern Pride at Barlow Park in Cairns.

The occasion was particularly special for the three Farr brothers, Kurtis, Ben and Tom, who all put on the Seagulls jersey to play together.

Brothers Kurtis, Ben & Tom Farr

The Seagulls were dominate in the first half heading to the dressing sheds up 48-0. The first half saw both Sebastian Winters-Chang and Ben Farr securing two tries each.

Final score had the Gulls take home a strong win, 66-0 over the Northern Pride, which is a great start to the Colts season.

McDonalds Player of the Match for Round 1 was awarded to Alec McDonald.

Auswide Mal Meninga Cup: 28-18 win over Redcliffe Dolphins

Round 5 of the Auswide Mal Meninga Cup saw the Gulls take on the Redcliffe Dolphins at Moreton Daily Stadium in Redcliffe.

The first half started strong for the Seagulls with 4/5 tries being scored in the first 35 minutes bringing the score to 22-0 at half time.

Photo: Jim O’Reilly

Redcliffe fort back in the second half trailing behind by only 4 points in the 44th minute.

The Seagulls fort hard to strengthen their lead in the 61st minute with a try from Haizyn Mellars followed by a successful conversion from Blake Moore.

The final score in favour of the Seagulls was 28-18. The Gulls have been strong all season remaining undefeated going into Round 6 against Brisbane Tigers.

Kienan Tempest was awarded McDonalds Player of the Match.

Cyril Connell Challenge: 10-54 loss to Redcliffe Dolphins

Round 5 of the Cyril Connell Challenge saw the Gulls go down to the Redcliffe Dolphins at Moreton Daily Stadium.

The Seagulls worked hard in the first half with a try in the 16th minute from Jack Hudson with a successful conversion from William Herbert. The score at half time was 6-16 against the Gulls.

Redcliffe was too good for the Seagulls in the second half with the final score 10-54 against the Seagulls.

This was the final round on the 2021 Cyril Connell Challenge and what a great season for the Gulls! Head of Seagulls Academy Michael Dobson and Head Coach Jarrod Biggs must be commended for their commitment to the team this season and we can’t wait to see how the rest of 2021 plays out.