Statement Re: Kitchener Park Redevelopment

I write to all our passionate fans, supporters, and the wider Wynnum Manly community today to address an issue that has been a sticking point within our community for the past 18 months.

There was a concerned group of supporters who were misinformed, and led to believe that we would be abandoning our post at BMD Kougari Oval, and moving to a state of the art stadium built at Kitchener park.

While there is some truth to these rumors, we were never intending to leave BMD Kougari Oval.

We were however looking to increase our available space with a facilities upgrade to Kitchener Park, and only if we found a suitable new home for the Wynnum Manly Juniors to settle and grow into.

As the latter did not progress past ideas, there was never anything concrete put in place for this project to go ahead.

We, as your club directors, are always looking for improvements within the rugby league community, and it was never our intention to cause division, but to look for strategic avenues in which we could expand our presence and our reach within the community.

We will continue to explore our options to do so, but at this time, the Kitchener Park redevelopment is no longer viable, and will not be taken any further.

I want to assure everyone that Kougari Oval will remain the home of the Wynnum Manly Seagulls for years to come, and that the aforementioned Kitchener Park project has now been put behind us.

In saying that, I would like us, as a community, to unite once again, and what better time than going into a Hostplus Cup semi final. Thank you for your support of the Seagulls, and please stick by us for the remainder of the finals series.


Tom Solah

Chairman – Wynnum Manly Seagulls