Footy in the 4178

Footy in Wynnum is bigger than just the Gulls. It’s a way of life for people in the Bayside. In Round 2, we played an historic Intrust Super Cup game at Iona College in front of strong and passionate crowd.

We’ve captured the biggest moments from that weekend to show how much the game meant to our players and our community. Visit our Facebook or Instagram to watch the full recap.

Thanks to the support of Iona, the Gulls were able to host four QRL games – including an Intrust Super Cup fixture – on a school campus for the first time in the sport’s history.

The Seagulls and Iona communities have a proud shared history, with a number of college Old Boys having played for the club. Several recently graduated Old Boys also had the special honour of playing in front of friends and families during the games last weekend.

The college plays an important role in the Bayside in developing young men of strong character – with a deliberate focus on leadership, inclusion and serving the Wynnum community. Those values are shared by the Seagulls, and were on display as the students and volunteers from within the school hosted the club with open arms.

The Gulls would like to extend a specific thank you to all members of the school community who supported the event and played an essential role in its success.

Playing in front of a passionate local crowd is nothing new for the Seagulls, but our players experienced something special over the weekend. The team was welcomed on to the field with a tunnel of Iona students, alongside junior footy players who one day might grow up to be Gulls.

As the final siren went and the Gulls held on to victory, the crowd of Iona boys standing behind the goal line erupted – as though the school’s own team had just won.

With the support of the school community, we also paid a special tribute to Mark Oliver. Mark was an Iona Old Boy and a dedicated Gull, who never missed a game and was a long-time volunteer at the club. Iona and the Seagulls extend their condolences to the Oliver family.

The Seagulls look forward to the next opportunity to play in front of an Iona crowd.