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Academy Teams Continue Pre-Season Trials

This Saturday will see the BMD Wynnum Manly Seagulls take on the Ipswich Jets across multiple grades at Capalaba Warriors rugby league club.

The Harvey Norman Women’s U19’s, Mal Meninga Cup U18’s and Cyril Connell Challenge U16’s will all be backing up from winning performances last weekend against Norths.

Seagulls coaches will look to use the trials against Ipswich Jets to cement their teams as the start of the season edges closer.

The U19 Women’s team had a good win last week with notable performances from Eliza Lopamaua and Felila Kia in the forward pack. Sienna Lofipo was very important in the halves, while the centre pairing of Helen Uitualagi and Destiny Mino defended outstandingly and ran the ball effectively.

Harvey Norman U19’s Women vs Norths Devils

The U18’s were directed by a strong showing from halves pairing, Cooper Hersom and Callum Pereira. Other standout performances included Haizyn Mellars on the wing and Cameron Bukowski at dummy half, as well as new recruits Brock Hinds from Yepoon and Cayleb Johnstone from Bundaberg.

Mal Meninga U18’s vs Norths Devils

The U16’s team will be lead by Coby Black in the halves, who’ll be full of confidence after 3 tries and an assist in last week’s game. The forward pack has been strong in both trials, with special mentions to Jett Bryce and Frankie Goldsbrough providing real impact on the edges.

In the middle, Cooper Day, Chaev Kolone and Kincade Carson will all be players to watch as they look to lay the platform for the team to play off.

U16’s Coach, Mick Reimer is also looking forward to seeing Sylas Simon with some extended game time at fullback. ‘Hopefully we’ll see him with some ball in hand and space. Sylas is lightning quick, his touch background gives him an exciting passing and running game.’

Cyril Connell U16’s vs Norths Devils

The times for this weekend’s trial matches at Capalaba are below:

HNU19’s – 11:30am

CC16’s – 12:45pm

MM18’s – 2:00pm

Seagulls Reveal 2022 Logo and Hostplus Cup Jersey

Saturday saw the BMD Wynnum Manly Seagulls launch their 2022 season with the reveal of their new logo and playing strip.

The Hostplus Cup squad kickstarted 2022 with a trial match against the Brisbane Broncos. Whilst the scoreline did not go our way, there were plenty of valuable lessons to be learnt from the encounter.

Produced by EV2, the Seagulls donned both home (green) and away (black) jerseys in the trial, wearing a playing kit that was praised by supporters.

Max Plath and Matiu Love-Henry show off their 2022 playing strip.

The striking BMD logo remains front and centre in a partnership that is incredibly appreciated by the Seagulls.

Greatly valued long-term partners Lipke Motors, Job Connect Recruitment and SQS Haulage remain on the 2022 jersey. While exciting new partnerships with Place Estate Agents and Moreton Island Adventures have started, with both featuring on this season’s jersey.

Luke Bateman treating us to some blue steel as he reveals the 2022 Seagulls logo.

The Seagulls logo has also had an update, with the 2022 version more streamlined than previous years.

Pre-order your Seagulls 2022 jersey here: Jersey Pre-Order Form

As a club, we are incredibly excited for the season to start. With our inaugural QRL women’s team taking the field, as well as our Cup and Colts teams coming off grand final appearances, the Seagulls are raring to go in season 2022! With a new logo, new jersey, and plenty of new signings on the field, Wynnum Manly remain in a great position for continued success.

CEO Hanan Laban addresses community queries on future plans

Last week, the Wynnum Manly Seagulls, Wynnum Manly Juniors and Wynnum Manly Leagues Club released a joint statement regarding the future of rugby league in the community, and a proposed relocation of the senior and junior clubs, to accommodate growth.

On the back of that statement, Wynnum Manly Seagulls CEO Hanan Laban did a Q&A-style interview with News Corp publications, which you can read by clicking the link here:

In response, members and fans from all three clubs have asked for more information about the proposal.

While the concept is in its early stages and information is still being gathered, Laban has answered the following questions to clarify the proposal, and to inform members and fans.


How do you respond to claims the Wynnum Manly Juniors are being ‘kicked out’ of Kitchener Park, or claims Wynnum Manly Seagulls are being forced out of Kougari Oval?

First of all, let me again reassure everyone that no one is being ‘kicked out’. Not the Seagulls Seniors or Juniors.

The Juniors need to move to a bigger venue because they are at capacity at Kitchener Park.

The fact of the matter is, and it is a good problem to have, the Juniors have more kids wanting to play rugby league than they can currently accommodate.

The Juniors have over 750 registered players across 47 teams. I was just speaking to Junior committee members last week and they were saying it was a monumental task to fit their 47 teams in across two fields. I asked them what would they do if more kids signed up? They weren’t sure how they would accommodate them.

With a bigger venue, the Juniors believe they can get participation numbers to 1200 because of the influx of families to the area.

So you can’t blame the Juniors for wanting a bigger home, because they are trying to give a game to every kid that wants to play.

What is a little difficult to understand is why some people who are criticising this idea from the Juniors want to deny 400 kids the same opportunity they themselves were given when they were kids – and that is the chance to play rugby league for Wynnum Manly.

Once it was known the Juniors need to move to accommodate more kids and families, the idea of moving the Seniors to Kitchener Park was floated because the Seagulls have similarly outgrown the facilities at Kougari Oval.


The Seagulls have set up a sub-committee to investigate the proposal, which includes moving the Juniors to a bigger venue, and the Seniors moving to a new purpose-built stadium at Kitchener Park. Who is on this sub-committee? Do they have a conflict of interest? What is the timeline for this proposal to eventuate?

The sub-committee consists of the Chairman of the Wynnum Manly Seagulls Football Club, Tom Solah, and Director Karl Dekroo, the President of Wynnum Juniors, Adam Lipke and myself.

We are investigating bringing more people onto the sub-committee as the project progresses.

But it is worth reinforcing that Adam is on the sub-committee to ensure the best result for the Juniors is attained here. The Juniors have been involved in this process, and their needs have been at the forefront, every step of the way.

There is no conflict of interest. If any of those involved had a conflict, in accordance with proper governance, they would have been ineligible to be a part of the sub-committee.

There is no timeline because, as stated previously, the concept is in the information gathering and feasibility stages.

The sub-committee is not being asked to design or construct the facility. They are being asked to investigate a proposal in the best interests of the club.


The Seagulls have stated Kougari Oval will remain a training facility and the ground will remain as it is. But will the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club state for the record there are no plans to develop Kougari Oval for their own purposes?

In the joint statement issued by the Juniors, Seniors and Leagues Club last Tuesday, Wynnum Manly Leagues Club Chairman Mr Peter Smith literally said exactly that – that the current Board of Directors and Management have had no discussions and have no plans to develop Kougari Oval.

We have heard all the rumours about the future of Kougari, some of which have bordered on the ridiculous.

The fact of the matter is, Kougari will remain a rugby league field, and remain a part of the Wynnum Manly Football club, used by the Seagulls as a training base and venue for select home games each season.


Why do the Wynnum Manly Seagulls need a stadium at Kitchener Park?

Rugby league is booming on the Bayside.

Wynnum Juniors have over 750 kids and need space to grow so they can allow more boys and girls to play.

Wynnum Manly Seagulls need better facilities for fans, families and the players in our male and female programs, or risk losing our place in the competition.

The Queensland Rugby League regularly undertake audits of all competition facilities and our current facilities at Kougari Oval are at risk of falling below the standard required to participate in the Hostplus Cup.

If we do not meet the competition’s criteria on the facilities we provide to players and spectators, we potentially could lose our place in the Queensland Cup.

Most of the clubs in the competition are moving into stadium facilities, in line with the standard of the competition.

What we want for Wynnum Manly is the same thing that Redcliffe and Brisbane Easts and Sunshine Coast and other teams have given their players and fans – a venue to be proud of, that is an enjoyable venue to play and watch rugby league.

Currently, Kougari Oval’s capacity is 5,000 people, which we reach for games like the Broncos pre-season trial, and semi-final matches.

We need room to grow, and better facilities to encourage more people to come to the game.

How many women don’t attend games now because they must walk so far from the Chook Pen to get to a toilet? It’s not acceptable in this day and age.

A better facility encourages more attendance and engagement because it is a place that people want to be.

Unfortunately, because of a range of factors with Kougari Oval, we can’t develop where we are, or make it bigger. We can’t accommodate the six elite-level teams that want to play and train there.

So we have to find a solution. If we stay still, we will be left behind.

In the past 30 years, we have seen traditional clubs like Valleys, Brothers and Wests go under or exit the competition because they could not keep up with the criteria required to compete in the Queensland Cup.

Without better facilities able to accommodate the demands of the modern game, we risk going the same way.

In an ideal world, we would do all these developments at Kougari, and stay there.

But it can’t be done in the space we currently have in the middle of a residential neighbourhood.


What about people who say that moving away from Kougari Oval is being disrespectful to the club’s history?

The proposed move to Kitchener Park is actually embracing Wynnum Manly’s history, and the people who were part of it.

Kitchener Park was Wynnum Manly’s home ground from when they joined the Brisbane Rugby League competition in 1951, up until the Seagulls moved to Kougari Oval in 1967.

One of our greatest ever players, Lionel Morgan, played 106 games for Wynnum Manly over 10 seasons, from 1959 to 1968.

For eight of the 10 years Lionel played at the Seagulls, Kitchener Park was his home ground.

Kitchener Park is Wynnum Manly’s first home, and a huge part of our club’s history, just like Kougari Oval.


Why is this proposal good for the community, and not just good for the football club?

The proposed concept is not about being glamourous, or superficial. It is about what is best for the local community – in particular the children and families who want to be involved in rugby league.

Without a new venue for the Juniors, they face having to tell 400 kids to go elsewhere, or to play another sport.

A new venue for the Juniors is the only way for rugby league participation in the area to grow because Kitchener Park simply cannot fit any more in.

The proposed stadium for Kitchener Park is not just for our Queensland Cup team. We have six elite-level teams playing for the club now, including two women’s teams.

Our current facilities are not suitable for hosting those teams, and some of them have to train at Capalaba because of restrictions on space and usage.

What we envision is creating an asset for the local community – one that will create jobs in the short and long-term, during the construction phase and onwards with the establishment of new community facilities, such as the idea of a new medical precinct.

It is going to be good for local, family-owned small businesses, with the proposed new facility closer to the train station and the Wynnum CBD, encouraging game-day visitors to spend time and money in the community.

The venue would be available for other clubs to use, but also for local schools who are looking for a bigger facility to host their major games and events.

There is the opportunity to create a facility capable of hosting events outside of sport, encouraging more arts and entertainment exhibitions to the local area.

And, as mentioned previously, it gives Wynnum a chance to be a part of the 2032 Olympic games, by providing a rectangular stadium where rugby sevens and soccer teams can create a training base and play warm-up matches in the lead-up to the Games.


BMD Wynnum Manly Seagulls

Footy is Back in February!

The Wynnum Manly Seagulls men’s and women’s teams have flown through the month of January. Their training schedules have consisted of multiple pre-season sessions and a training camp for each squad to prepare for the season ahead.

As the Gulls look forward to February, trial matches will take place across all grades, with the main drawcard being our HostPlus Cup team taking on the Brisbane Broncos on Saturday February 12 at BMD Kougari Oval. The Wynnum Manly community are eagerly anticipating this match as several former Seagulls players will be on show for the Broncos, having transitioned through the club and into the NRL.

The HostPlus Cup squad have been training well throughout January.

A big crowd is expected, and tickets are selling fast. This will be a match to remember for a long time to come.

We are looking forward to seeing BMD Kougari Oval packed with fans to kickstart the 2022 season! Tickets are available through Local Tickets at the link below.

Tickets available here


Key Times:

10.30am Gates Open

11.15am Harvey Norman Women’s U19s – Wynnum Manly Seagulls v Norths Devils

12.50pm Cyril Connell Challenge U16s – Wynnum Manly Seagulls v Norths Devils

2.15pm Auswide Bank Mal Meninga Cup U18s – Wynnum Manly Seagulls v Norths Devils

4.00pm NRL Trial Match – Wynnum Manly Seagulls v Brisbane Broncos  


70 Years of Club History Celebrated in Style

Seagulls Media

On Friday September 17, the Club celebrated 70 years of history at our annual Sportsman’s Luncheon. Hosted by Chris Bombolas, the event was an opportunity to hear from two panels of club legends; Seagulls who represented Queensland at State of Origin and club Icons from the across the decades.

Guest speakers from the first panel included Gene Miles, Paul Green, Chris McKenna and Craig Greenhill. Rugby League Journalist Steve Ricketts dove deep into the archives to encourage these Origin stars to recount their journey in footy. Some infamous moments were discussed, alongside some lesser known stories, giving attendees an intimate understanding of what it meant to play rugby league for Queensland.

Later in the afternoon, guests in attendance were treated to more special memories from some of the most popular and famous names in Wynnum Manly rugby league history. Luke Dalziel-Don, Graham Curtis, Ken Churchill and Earl Morgan were also joined on stage by Ned Green.

A captive audience heard these legends share how proud they were to represent the local community and run out for the Seagulls every week.

In addition to learning about club culture, international tours and what it means to play for the Gulls, the event also raised important funds for the Seagulls Foundation. The Foundation directly supports the development and welfare of local athletes and provides invaluable resources to the club on and off the field. Players from the Seagulls Academy program were in attendance at the luncheon to greet guests and pass on their thanks for the additional support.

A host of auction items and raffle prizes were given away on the day, including a travel adventure to the Whitsundays, Broncos Inner Sanctum experiences and rare sporting memorabilia. Every guest and partner who contributed to the fundraising on the day has made a meaningful contribution to the ongoing development of the club.

The club would also like to make a special thank you to the guests in the room who participated in a captivating live auction and contributed significant funds to the Foundation, including Barton’s Motor Group, TFH Hire Services, Lipke Motors and a few of our club legends.

Seagulls advance to NRL Grand Final at Suncorp!

After Sunday’s win against the Burleigh Bears, the Seagulls officially became the first team to qualify to play at Suncorp Stadium for this year’s NRL Grand Final… playing in the first Intrust Super Cup Preliminary Final as a curtain raiser to the main game.

The Club’s opponent for the game is still to be decided, with the winner of Redcliffe and Tweed’s clash this weekend set to advance.

The Seagulls are still awaiting details about opportunities for Seagulls fans to purchase tickets to come along and support the club on the day. It will be one of the biggest games for the club in the last two years, with the winner earning their place in this year’s Cup Grand Final.

Stay tuned across Seagulls social media and website over the coming days. We hope to have an announcement about tickets towards the end of the week!

Any Rugby league fans already attending this year’s NRL grand final are encouraged to turn up early and make sure they don’t miss any Seagulls action, with two exciting Intrust Super Cup preliminary finals to be played in the lead-up to the decider.

Seagulls set to reignite Bears Finals Rivalry

The Seagulls are kicking off their 2021 Intrust Super Cup Finals Campaign today against the Burleigh Bears. It’s destined to be an intense matchup, with 2nd and 3rd on this year’s Cup ladder going head to head in week one of the Finals.

But this particular game means more to both clubs, with plenty of recent big game history between the two teams.

Week 1 of the Finals in 2019 was almost a carbon copy of this weekend’s clash, with the Gulls hosting the Bears at home at BMD Kougari Oval.

It finished six tries a piece, but the Bears were too good with the boot and held on to win 34-32 despite a late Seagulls flourish. 7 Seagulls players from that game will play against the Bears again this weekend.

The club would go on to beat Redcliffe in Wynnum in Week 2, then the Blackhawks in Townsville, to qualify for the Grand Final and a second crack at the Bears.

Sunday’s game will be a rematch of the 2019 Grand Final teams, which saw the Bears win the Intrust Super Cup premiership in an impressive display. Burleigh were too good for the Seagulls on the day, winning 28-10 with five tries and an impressive performance from current Gold Coast Titans star Jamal Fogarty.

The rivalry continued in 2020, with the clubs facing off in the first round of the season before Covid caused the eventual cancellation of the season. The Bears had carried over their form from 2019 and were convincing victors in Round 1.

The two teams have only played each other once in 2021. Earlier this season, the Gulls took on the Bears in Chinchilla as part of the QRL’s Country Round. The Bears took that win as well, holding off a late Seagulls comeback to finish 26-20.

With a spot in the Preliminary Finals at Suncorp Stadium on the line, this game will be sure to reignite a fierce finals rivalry between the two clubs.

Head down to BMD Kougari Oval today to watch the Hastings Deering Colts (who won the minor premiership) take on the Falcons at 11am, before the Cup game at 1.10pm. If you can’t make it down in person, you can watch the game via Kayo Freebies or on the QRL website:



2021 Finals – a race back to Suncorp Stadium

Seagulls Media & Colleen Edwards, QRL

The QRL have officially announced that this year’s Intrust Super Cup Preliminary Finals will be played at Suncorp Stadium, as a curtain raiser to the NRL Grand Final. For the Seagulls, finishing 2nd on the ladder means this weekend is a chance to earn a week off and book a ticket straight to Suncorp.

One of the most storied venues in Rugby League history, Suncorp Stadium presents an exciting chance to showcase Seagulls football and the broader QRL competition. The clubs who qualify for the Preliminary Finals play on the biggest day in the Rugby League calendar, with the games also broadcast free to air on Nine in the lead up to the big game.

“This is a great result for our competition,” Queensland Rugby League chief operating officer Rohan Sawyer said.

“This is a huge opportunity for our Intrust Super Cup clubs, sponsors and players on the NRL’s biggest day.

“Having our games on show on NRL grand final day also allows our clubs to showcase the talent in the competition and will also highlight how the Intrust Super Cup has been such an effective and successful pathway for so many players to transition into the NRL.”

The Gulls are no strangers to big games at Suncorp Stadium, having won back to back Queensland Cup grand finals at the venue in 2011 and 2012.

However, the journey back to Suncorp will be no easy feat, with an impressive Burleigh Bears side looking to continue their recent Finals success over the Gulls.

2019 saw the Gulls lose a tight one to the Bears in Week 1 of the Finals, before a rematch in the Grand Final. The Bears were too strong on the day in 2019, but this Sunday the Gulls have a chance to take them on again in a massive game.

Be sure to grab your tickets to Sunday’s game and catch all of the action:

The club are looking forward to playing in front of a massive home crowd this Sunday, to help us earn the right to get back to Suncorp Stadium and recreate some of the biggest moments in recent club history.